Ecommerce With Directions

The term e-commerce seems to drift into any conversation businesses have these days. Today, predictions, benchmarks and anticipation surround Cyber Monday as much or more than does Black Friday. Purchasing music, movies and tickets online is quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. Essentially everything that can be bought or sold can and is available online.

Gone are the days of simply offering a product or two for sale on your website. Consumers expect, no actually they demand, access to your full catalog of products and services. They also expect all aspects of the sale to be handled online as well. From maintaining a customer order history to processing a return, consumers expect the functionality to be in place. With Directions offers a variety of fully scalable shopping carts and e-commerce solutions that allow your company to jump into the fast lane of the cyber highway. In addition, we work with you to integrate state-of-the-art customer service software, pre and post-sale live chat and can provide assistance with connecting your online store to many of the top accounting packages.

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