With Directions began simmering many years ago. Much like Grandma Kate's famous vegetable soup, the actual ingredients seemed to vary over the years. Although never quite sure what the next kettle of soup would contain, your mouth still watered at the thought of that first bite. A few months after she passed away we found a box of recipes she had tucked away in a drawer. We found recipes for all the favorites from rhubarb pie to oyster dressing. But there was no sign of the soup. That is until we began reading a card titled - "Something Special". The card simply read: Start with a good base. Figure out what ingredients you already have and be creative when you put them together. If you find you need something more ask a neighbor. Don't make it the same as last time. Make it better than last time. We are committed to your success. Emerging technologies are making it possible for businesses to interact with new and existing customers on an unprecedented scale at an affordable cost. The Internet is the perfect place for any business seeking an inexpensive, effective, fast-paced, future-oriented manner of letting the world know who they are, what services they have to offer, what products they have to sell, and what information they have to share.

What a great recipe for soup...and for With Directions.

  • ample amounts of talent
  • a sprinkle of insight
  • handfuls of creativity
  • a cup running over with curiosity
  • as much desire as you can pour in
  • a pinch of confidence
  • season with experience

Integrated with Your Company

We treat your company like our own. With Directions is not merely a vendor. We take the time to get to know your business, your customers and your challenges.

Experience, Execution and Evaluation

We combine our expertise with understanding of your business to develop customized solutions. Then, unlike most, we fully review the results and make any adjustments which are required.

Help Your Company Soar with the latest technology.

Soar past your competition by implementing marketing and technology tools tailored for your business and your resources, both human and financial.

Our Clients