Branding and Logo Development

You've no doubt seen the terms corporate identity, message continuity and branding many times in a variety of trade and business publications or websites. Although in theory you recognize the value in these concepts you may think your business is too small to make it a concern or even if you do feel compelled to adopt a branding strategy you are concerned the cost would be so prohibitive that you decide to maintain the status quo.

With very, very few exceptions every business is large enough to dedicate the time, thought and resources to developing a strategic, consistent and thoughtful brand or identity. Having a well thought out identity not only creates an image in the mind of your customers, but it also helps guide your employees, streamlines the development of your advertising and marketing and aids in making a wealth of other business decisions. As important as developing your brand is you may be surprised that it really can be done with on a budget which most businesses are able to manage.


Because no two projects are identical, even those requiring the same service, we break our services into individual building blocks. Taking this building block approach allows for maximum flexibility without sacrificing efficiency.

Develop Meaningful and Memorable Tag Line

Along with the name of your business it is also helpful to develop a tag line to be used along with your name and logo. Effective tag lines can convey a unique selling point or clarify your approach to doing business.

Create/Revise Logo

To draw inspiration we combine your market, business name and operating philosophy and create a stunning and impactful logo. Our objective during this process is to communicate a lot by not saying a word.

Develop Color Schemes

In many way the color scheme your choose for your business is as important as your logo. Many companies benefit from the recognition and feeling that their color scheme invokes.

Create Sets of Icons/Buttons

Once we have a logo and color scheme developed we create a set of buttons and icons for use in all of your digital media. This not only saves time down the road but insures a consistent look and feel.

Create Email Signatures

As part of your branding we combine your logo, tag line and name into an easy to use email signature for use in your daily electronic communications.

Establish a Tone

Over the course of time you will have a variety presentations, brochures, articles and other types of communication to audiences of all kinds. Making a conscience decision as to the style and approach you will use for these communications in the beginning may prove to be quite valuable.