Email Administration and Storage

Even if you think your company is living in the dark ages from a technology standpoint you still likely rely heavily on email. Maybe you have been using Gmail, Yahoo or the email address provided to you by your internet service provider and realize now that not only are there limitations to those options but from a customer's perspective a Gmail address is not as professional as you want to project. With Directions can help!

Maybe you had an intern or savvy assistant set up the email for your company. Although that worked well to start you realize that two new sales people don't have an email address because your intern went back to school or that tech-minded assistant accepted a great job opportunity in Timbuktu. With Directions can help!

Even if you have a professional email address and documented procedures for creating and maintaining employee email addresses you must still contend with storage requirements, backups, archiving and retrieval. Once again - With Directions can help!


Right before our eyes email has become one of the most critical tools in business. From requests for product information to deal-confirming communications email inpacts virtually every aspect of our business day.

Effective Email Systems

Obviously, the most important aspect of email is the ability to effectively send and recieve it. We have access to a variety of email servers and services to ensure that this vital process continues to serve you, your business and your customers.

Email Storage

Depending on your type of busines, you may be obligated professionally or legally to maintain email correspondance for a specified period of time. In many cases email storage becomes a hassle. Employees, in an effort to "clean up" their inbox delete emails that should be filed away for posterity. We provide backup and storage solutions that make managing years' worth of email as easy as clicking send/recieve.

Spam and Other Email Hazards

Managing your inbox can often seem like an insurmountable task. The email you want to get can be overwhelming. If you add to the mix the spam and unsolicited email most of us get each day and its enough to make you take a hammer to your keyboard. We have a variety of solutions that filter your emails and give you much greater control over what makes to your inbox.