Graphic Design

Every great message needs stunning graphics to serve as a visual exclamation point. With Directions takes your visual image to a higher level by designing eye-catching graphics, print ads, postcards, logos, banners and online branding themes which support your company's mission and values. If a picture is worth a thousand words then complementing those words with the right image is priceless.

Our staff works with you to capture the mood and tone of your message. We can integrate your current branding and color palette into new designs or begin with a fresh canvas - the choice is yours. The visual components of your communications are indeed important, however you shouldn't feel as though you are commissioning a piece of art for the national gallery in order to have high quality images for your direct mail piece or in your print ads.

Whether you simply need a new set of icons for your website redesign or a top-to-bottom rebranding, With Directions makes you look like a winner.


Because no two projects are identical, even those requiring the same service, we break our services into individual building blocks. Taking this building block approach allows for maximum flexibility without sacrificing efficiency.

Create/Revise Logo

To draw inspiration we combine your market, business name and operating philosophy and create a stunning and impactful logo. Our objective during this process is to communicate a lot by not saying a word.

Incorporate Stock or Custom Photography

We have all heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words". We know the saying because it is absolutely is true. The right photograph tells the story of your company or product in a way the sticks in the mind of your audience longer and more quickly than words could ever do.

Web and Print Ads

Use our creative staff to develop effective and impactful banner and display ads for the web as well as print ads for your traditional print ads, flyers and brochures.

Infographics and Diagrams

Whether you want to convey statisitcs or comparisons of some type or you are trying to describe a process, infographics and diagrams can make your task much easier and much more effective. Our staff can develop an informational graphic or design a "how-to" image that describes your message as perfect as a picture.

Email/Newsletter Design

If part of your overall marketing plan includes email marketing or customer/employee newsletters, the graphic look and design of these pieces are as important as the verbiage it is paired with. We work to create a consistant look and feel among all of your marketing collateral, both internal and extenral.

Colors, Buttons, Icons and More

Often the differnce between an average design and a design that seems to pop off the screen or page comes down to the right color combination, the tweak of a button or a custom-designed set of icons. Our approach pays attention to the details in an effort to make average - outstanding.