Content Development

From web pages and blogs to case studies, white pages and press releases - the amount of content SMBs need to generate could fill a small file room. Odds suggest your staff posses the knowledge required to create informative content and another part of your staff posses the skills needed to create engaging content. When you trust us with your content development we take a two-hat approach. First we grab our reporter's hat and interview those on your staff who can provide the most expert information. Once we have the details we reach for our novelist hat and craft your facts into engaging, entertaining and enlightening content.

Your web content needs to be skillfully planned in order for it to connect and convert. That's exactly what we do. Our approach provides a road map for the creation, delivery and maintenance of your content no matter where it may appear or for whom it is being targeted. We always strive to deliver premium content at reasonable rates but to further enhance the value we catalog content by topic thus making it accessible for cross-platform use.


Because no two projects are identical, even those requiring the same service, we break our services into individual building blocks. Taking this building block approach allows for maximum flexibility without sacrificing efficiency.

Define Content Target(s)

Developing great content begins with identifying and understanding your target. Knowing your audience helps to determine the mood, tone and style of your message.

Identify Content Types

There are a multitude of options for delivering your content. Everything from the your website and Facebook page to email newsletters and white papers.

Establish Ways to Evaluate Content

Remember, the purpose of content is to engage and encourage your audience to take some type of action. You evaluate your content much the same way as you evaluate other aspects of your marketing.

Develop a Communication Calendar

Not only should content be relevant it also needs to be current to capture the attention of your audience. While some situations call for spontaneous updates, most items can be planned in advance. Holidays, anniversaries and special events are but a few of the items you can place on a communication calendar.


When discussing content most people think of text-oriented content items. While it is true much of your content will be text-based you should consider sprinkling in a few eye-catching infographics. Everything from product comparisons to highlighting the breadth of your customers can be represented with an appealing and interesting infographic.

Provide Shareable Content

Social media presents tremendous opportunities to spread your message. As you develop and plan your content be sure to create shareable content. Blogs, white papers, studies and videos are all great options for including shareable content.