Mailing/Email List Acquisition

A successful marketing strategy has, at minimum, two prongs. The first focuses on customers - how to keep them and how to increase what they spend. The second obviously focuses on attracting new customers. Finding, developing and nurturing prospects requires an organized and systematic approach. The first step in that process often starts with a targeted mailing list. Cultivating the best possible list depends on developing an accurate and insightful prospect profile.

With Directions has years of experience fine-tuning profiles for businesses of all types. Depending on the parameters of the profile we develop, the next step is to determine which of our numerous data sources best fit. No matter what your business needs to begin or enhance prospecting and lead generation we can help. From direct marketing list acquisition and database marketing services we provide tools and guidance designed to increase response and improve the overall return on your marketing investment.


As a business you will spend much of your time and resources cultivating and nurturing your prospects and customers. The importance of this aspect of your business demands a well-thought out game plan.

Cultivating Prospects

As you define your target audience you should also make note of how to reach them. You can employ a variety of creative ways to reach potential customers. We assist you by identifying methods to increase the number of prospects on your list.

Lead Nurturing

Once you have a prospect's contact information you should work diligently to maintain that prospect's interest. We assist you by developing a messaging schedule to ensure continued and creative communication between you and your prospects.

Quality List Specs

Developing an accurate profile of your prospect can make or break the success of any list acquisition project. Over the years we've helped clients develop detailed prospect parameters with which we've secured hundreds of high quality, high return B2B and B2C lists.

Append Your Existing Data

Throughout the life of your business you've been collecting information from your customers and prospects. Much of the time the data collected thru orders, sign-up forms and promotional endeavors is complete. However a quick scan of your database shows a great deal of missing information. We can take your existing database and append most of the records to fill in the critical missing details.

B2B/B2C Automated Calling

In spite of telemarketing's bad reputation it still has a place in your marketing and communication plan. By using an automated call system you dramatically reduce the costs which presented obstacles to SMBs in the past. By thinking creatively automated call campaigns can generate prospects, alert customers to new products, provide appointment or service reminders and much, much more.

Complementary Prospect Marketing

Partnering with complementary businesses is built into the foundation of our operating philosophy and it should be in yours as well. Co-branding collateral, customer list exchanges or rentals are both excellent methods to enhance your prospect database. Opportunities to share data demonstrates just one of the many ways partnering is beneficial to nearly all SMBs.