Printing With Directions

Without question much of what we do at With Directions either reduces your marketing/technology budget or redistributes the budget in order to increase reach, frequency or impact. No place is this more true than with your traditional printing budget. Regardless of what a hard core environmentalist may believe, it is not yet possible for companies to eliminate all printed advertising and marketing material. However, a significant reduction in hard copy advertising/marketing collateral not only benefits the environment it also has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Of course every situation is different, but many of our clients find that transitioning material to digital options allows them to reduce printing expenses by as much as 60%. While our objective is often to save you money on printing, we know that for now printed material remains a cornerstone of your marketing and advertising efforts. As such we offer comprehensive printing solutions at prices that will surprise and delight you. Whether you need to resupply your stock of business cards, print vibrant 4-color postcards or arm your sales staff with can't miss sales brochures for an upcoming trade show you can count on us.

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