SEO With Directions

Among the most mystical services being marketed and sold to SMBs today is some form of search engine optimization (SEO). There is no shortage of companies who tout their ability to "put you in the top spot on Google" or some other amazing feat. Regardless of whether you attempt to tackle SEO yourself, work with one of the industry's numerous SEO companies or trust your SEO to us, there are a number of questions to which you should know the answers.

First, you should know that SEO is not the same as pay for performance (PFP) or pay per click (PPC). While both paid placement and organic, or natural, search results are important and should be part of your strategy, most would not include PFP and PPC as part of an SEO strategy. Second, you should know that when it comes to SEO there are some commonalities; however, each search engine or index site uses different criteria to determine what links are displayed and in what order. Third, just as the criteria differs from one search engine to another the criteria for any particular search engine also changes over time. We welcome the chance to help you navigate the SEO gauntlet.

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