Database Management

Today, more than ever before the value of your information ranks near the top of your company's list of assets. From individual customer purchase histories and prospect information to sales analysis - maintaining and protecting this data is paramount to your continued success. How would you describe your customer? Is your customer a consumer, a business or both?

Is the ideal consumer for your product or service married? Do they have children? Should you market to small local businesses or should you look at a larger geographic area? Capturing, maintaining and analyzing data is crucial to your success.

With Directions examines your current situation and develops a data strategy geared toward identifying your customers, their characteristics, buying habits and a variety of means by which you can best reach them. From a marketing standpoint, we will work with you to select and implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system if you don't currently have one in place. If you are using a CRM solution we can help you maximize the features and benefits available from the system.


Those who sing the praises of database management know they will never take home a Grammy for Song of the Year in the music business, but if they gave an award for the Most Overlooked and Undervalued Skill in small business - database management would win every year. SMBs are just beginning the understand the value of complete, high-quality and error-free data.

Implement a Reliable and Scalable Database

From accounting and employees to products and customers it is possible your business currently depends on anywhere from zero to five or six separate databases. These DBs may be online or reside on a single PC in your office. They may be integrated or completely stand-alone. We help to access your current situation, evaluate your needs and recommend a solution that best fits your budget and business.

Know Your Business by Knowing Your Data

The ability to perform advanced searches and queries on your own data can enhance your bottom line as much or more than any advertising or promotional campaign ever will. Understanding, among other things, what customers buy, when they buy it, what additional items they buy makes all the difference in what and how you sell. We help you answer those and many, many more questions.

Database Backups

As critical as your data is you should not leave security to chance. Planning for catastrophic events of any kind must begin with a commitment to protecting your valuable data. Nothing will make recovering from a disaster easy or painless, however having a detailed backup and recovery plan makes all the difference in the world. If you have ever tried to recover from a data loss of any kind you know how bad it can be.