Internet Marketing

If you've reviewed our solution microsites you know that we acknowledge the specific importance of mobile marketing, SEO, email marketing and social media. While these specialties represent four pillars of internet marking, one of the most exciting aspects of the digital age is the degree to which everything connects, overlaps and intersects. By increasing activity on social media sites you are building a great foundation for enhancing your SEO efforts as well as your organic search placement.

This inter connectivity even extends beyond the four areas mentioned above. Banner and display advertising, either directly with a website or thru one of the many ad networks, can prove to be very successful if managed and monitored properly.

With Directions provides a fully integrated solution to your internet marketing efforts. Our research and analysis provides insight and expertise on all types of internet marketing. Social media, SEO, PPC, organic search, content marketing and display advertising are unquestionably interwoven - so too should be your marketing effort.


Internet marketing encompasses a litany of options, disciplines and specialties. From the simplest banner ad placement to the most advanced SEO analysis, internet marketing grows more advanced with each passing day.

Internet Marketing 101

All effective internet marketing programs should begin with the basics. We incorporate established optimization techniques in all client website projects we undertake. We also work with you to optimize and enhance your existing website. From meta descriptions and title tags to site speed and performance we establish a solid foundation on which to build.

Incorporate Advanced Analytics

No matter what steps you take to improve your presence on the Internet you must have reliable analytics and measurement tools in place. The only way to make smart changes to your marketing plan is to know what is working and what is not. We implement solid, easy-to-use analytics that generate actionable reports.

Establish an Active Social Media Presence

Developing and maintaining an active social media presence makes sense for its own sake. However, the impact it has on SEO is like turbo boost kicking in. Social media contributes all of the components search engines love - relevancy, authority, popularity.

Don't Forget to Foster Your Existing Relationships

Nothing beats the feeling you get when a marketing campaign you've launched spawns more new customers than expected. While maybe not as exciting, remember that increasing activity from your existing customers impacts sales just as much - if not more!

Paid Marketing

A number of pay options exist for marketing on the internet. Most people are familiar with the paid or sponsored listing which come up on search sites like Google and Bing. With the correct approach these can be beneficial and not as pricey as often thought. However, opportunities like Facebook or Twitter advertising, site-specific banners or sponsorships and retargeting offer an increasingly wide array of possibilities.

Old School Meets Online

In the haste to take advantage of everything the internet has to offer don't forget to retool your existing marketing campaigns and collateral. This involves more than simply adding your website and email address to your business cards and letterhead. Online opportunities should enhance and extend your traditional marketing efforts by playing off one another.