Vertical Specific Solutions

You've heard the expression - there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Essentially vertical-specific services are the With Directions' private stash of wheels! They offer extraordinary benefits and exceptional value for clients of a particular vertical who need an industry-related solution. Whether you are a retail establishment, a hospitality business, a sales organization or need to accommodate a remote staff - we can help.

Some examples of verticals for which we have existing solutions would be:

  • Online ordering and menus - Restaurant Vertical
  • Online reservation systems - Hotels/Motels/Bed & Breakfast/Hair & Nail Salons
  • Customer Relationship Management - Sales and Marketing Companies or Departments
  • Customer Surveys / Opinion Polls - Sales and Marketing Companies or Departments
  • Collaborative Project Management - Companies/Departments with Multiple Person Teams/Remote Team Members


    Many SMB technology and marketing needs are the same regardless of your business type. However, in spite of the commonality, there are needs which are specific to your line of business. Restaurants have needs that differ from chiropractors and chiropractors face challenges that real estate companies don't. We continually search for vertical-specific technology solutions designed to enhance our clients' effectiveness and success.

    Collaborative Sales / Prospecting CRM

    There are a number of options to fill this need from Salesforce to Sugar CRM. Additionally we developed a telemarketing/prospecting tool for a client a few years ago which can be customized to fit your particular needs.

    Shopping Cart/Catalog E-Commerce Solutions

    For retail and service oriented clients shopping cart and e-commerce solutions rank among the most important and most requested. We work with a vast array of solutions. First we review your current needs and plans for growth to recommend a solution that offers the best combination of features and manageability.

    Restaurants, Realtors & Printers

    Offer online ordering, property listings or customizable print collateral. These are but a few examples of vertical specific software/web applications available - most of which are scalable and customizable. Most solutions consist of a setup fee combined with monthly charges. In other cases the cost is a one-time licensing fee and there are even some open source solutions available.